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Ongoing support for digital health initiatives

We helped set up and train 194 sites on how to send referrals electronically

Our digital health team continues to support health care providers with digital health initiatives and transformation. The 2021/2022 financial year has seen continued training and support in PenCS applications to the 247 sites sharing data with Adelaide PHN.

With the recent upgrade to Medicare Web Services, the team has been supporting sites in our region to transition to compatible software in order to access the following digital health and aged care channels.

To comply with Australian Government cyber security requirements, the digital health team has helped sites renew and upgrade their NASH PKI certificate from a SHA-1 to a SHA-2. As at March 2022, 97% of GPs and 94% of pharmacies in the Adelaide PHN region renewed their NASH SHA-1 or NASH SHA-2 certificate – meaning they can securely access digital health services.

With a high demand of practices wanting to assist their patients with uploading pathology results into My Health Record, we supported 43.3% of general practices to enable e-requesting with their chosen pathology provider.

More than 600 primary health care providers currently have free access to the Therapeutic Guidelines, a digitally enabled resource providing clear, concise and evidence-based recommendations for patient management.

Adelaide PHN will continue funding eTG for eligible practice staff – promoting consistency and evidence-based clinical decision making by primary care providers via free access to the Therapeutic Guidelines.

We also helped set up and train 194 sites on how to send referrals electronically through their clinical software.

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