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Bettering the health of our region through broad engagement

Adelaide PHN actively engages with various stakeholders

Adelaide PHN actively engages with various stakeholders including community members, service providers, clinicians and primary health care workers to benefit from their experience and knowledge. These connections contribute to our understanding of community need, create partnerships and support access to timely and responsive health services and systems.

Clinical Council

The Clinical Council provides Adelaide PHN with insights into clinical issues relevant to the needs of local communities in the Adelaide metropolitan area. The Clinical Council provides intelligence on local health conditions and disease trends and assists in identifying opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of health care services. Considering barriers to access and providing input into population health planning are also areas of interest.

In 2021/2022, the Clinical Council has explored the following:

  1. Advocacy, collaboration and educational support to SA Health (including consideration of a preventable admission workforce and integration/support of GP Liaison roles)

  2. Clinical Council input into and support of Health Pathways

  3. Input into our Needs Assessment

  4. Co-design in National Priority Areas

Community Advisory Council

The Adelaide PHN Community Advisory Council (CAC) provides a community perspective on primary health care issues in the region. The community perspective supports the Adelaide PHN in understanding local need, opportunities and outcomes. Community perspectives also ensure that decisions, investments, and innovations are patient-centred, cost-effective, locally relevant and aligned to local care experiences and expectations.

This year the CAC undertook training to host ‘kitchen table conversations’ in their local communities. The data from these conversations will feed into the annual needs assessment process. CAC members have also been invited to participate in co-design opportunities for the Head to Health phone line and the commissioning process for Primary Mental Health Care Services.

Aboriginal Community Advisory Council

The Aboriginal Community Advisory Council (ACAC) supports Adelaide PHN to understand locally relevant community perspectives in relation to the health needs of First Nations peoples, including access to primary health services and service gaps.

The ACAC has also undertaken training in ‘kitchen table conversations’. The data from these conversations will feed into the annual needs assessment for Aboriginal Health and help to identify the ongoing health needs of First Nations peoples.

The ACAC has been actively involved in reviewing the current Adelaide PHN Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) and working alongside the Reconciliation Working Group to plan for the next RAP.

Network Leadership Group

The Network Leadership Group (NLG) supports a whole of community and stakeholder approach and enables input and feedback to Adelaide PHN. NLG members are leaders, connectors, influencers or subject matter experts in their field across Adelaide PHN’s priority areas.

Adelaide GP Council

The Adelaide GP Council provides an independent forum where GP issues and concerns about the delivery of primary health care in the community can be discussed. Emphasis is placed on how to improve patient health care outcomes, provide GP input, feedback, advocacy and linkage into and across other health care organisations (national, state, local government and non-government).

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