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Supporting residential aged care facilities through COVID-19

We've supported 500 RACF residents in receiving their fourth COVID dose

In 2021/2022 we continued to support residential aged care facilities, including staff and residents, with regard to COVID-19. That support included vaccination requirements, understanding site requirements and check lists, support information and linkages with other core professional bodies and departments. Coordination of in-reach vaccinations as requested by the facilities, including coordination of flu vaccinations, was also facilitated.

A group of nursing staff was provided with Infection Control Training to assist with ensuring a high standard of infection control was maintained. We also continue to support residents and staff to access the COVID-19 vaccine by supporting the coordination of in-reach clinics as required and as COVID-19 mandates are updated.

In addition to this, the following highlights were achieved during the year:

  • More than 2,000 residential aged care facility staff received the COVID-19 vaccine through the GP respiratory clinics and vaccination hubs.

  • The coordination of in-reach clinics for staff and residents was supported through the Commonwealth vaccination clinics (GP respiratory clinics)

  • First and second dose catch up clinics for residents and staff were supported by commissioned vaccine providers through in-reach clinics.

  • More than 200 residential aged care facilities received support with coordination of in-reach clinics as requested, including support of flu vaccinations.

More than 500 residents received the winter dose vaccine (fourth dose) via in-reach clinics through the Adelaide PHN funded provider, Pop-Up Medics.

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