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Supporting general practice while improving patient care

Over the last three years, the work of the GP Liaison / Integration Units and the Units has been informed by feedback we sought via a series of workshops with the three metropolitan LHNs, GPs and Hospital Consultants. Adelaide PHN hosted the workshops to seek feedback on how we can support general practice and enhance the relationship between primary, acute and tertiary care.

In 2021/2022, the Units have been specifically focusing on:

Improving clinical handover

  • Improving transition of care after discharge from hospital – such as supporting the roll out of Sunrise and Secure Messaging Delivery to enable timely discharge summaries

  • Improving referral process and system navigation – such as participation in the e-referral project in NALHN and review and update of outpatient services directory in SALHN.

Improving two-way communication

  • Developing communication channels with general practice teams – we developed a website and reviewed referral documents for Mental Health Shared Care in conjunction with the Office of the Chief Psychiatrist, DASSA, and LHNs.

  • Raising the profile of general practice as the key contributor to patient health and wellbeing – such as the Health Care Homes program and the use of shared care records which demonstrates that all clinicians need to be involved to achieve patient-centred care.

Improving clinical collaboration and relationships

  • Developing professional development and networking opportunities – we worked collaboratively with CPD providers to inform professional development topics for primary care providers.

  • Developing new collaborative models of care – we actively participated in and co-led the six state-wide Clinical Prioritisation Criteria project groups (part of the wider SA Health outpatient redesign project).

The three GP Liaison/Integration Units (delivered in partnership with the three metro LHNs) have all been extended for a further three years, underlining the strong commitment to ensuring people who are accessing both hospital clinicians and GPs experience patient-centred care.



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